Hello there! I’m so glad you’ve stumbled across my page. I’m Katherine - Mom of two sweet boys, Isaac and Eli, and my fur baby Nova, wife of almost a decade to Kevin, and really just starting my quilting journey.
I started making quilts when my nephew was born, in 2008. I had been gifted a rag quilt a few years prior, and was so in love with it, I knew I had to learn how to make one! Many ripped seams and a lot of wasted fabric due to bad cutting later, I was able to gift my sweet nephew a baby blue Snoopy rag quilt, the first one I ever made. After that, if someone I knew was having a baby, they got a rag quilt. That was my thing.
When my niece was born a few years later, I wanted to try something different. I bought a simple pieced quilt pattern book, selected what I thought would be an easy pattern, and got to work. Again, many ripped out seams later, I had a quilt top, and a good family friend taught me how to sandwich, quilt, and bind it.
Over the years, I have made dozens of baby rag quilts, twin size rag quilts, one king size rag quilt, done with a small machine sitting on a TV tray (never again), and a handful of pieced quilts. I will say, I think I prefer making pieced quilts, since they are so unique - I never branched away from square block rag quilts.
I’ve recently purchased some new machines, have dabbled in foundation paper piecing blocks, and have my sights set on completing a one-block-wonder and a collage quilt…wish me luck!
There are just so many amazing quilts out there, and I have so many ideas, that I easily fall into a “Quilter’s block”. That it what actually kicked off this site. I feel like there’s more to a quilt than just the fabric. There’s the memories that are sewn into each block, the love and attention that goes into every stitch, maybe the reasons you picked those specific colours/prints/pattern. That’s what I want to talk about here, to share with you. Hopefully I can share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and some things to not do, that may help you, as well as my go-to websites or patterns and inspiration.
Welcome to My Quilted Life.